Students' Achievements

Students' Performance at National Examinations (2012 - 2019)*
  • Around 80% of Pri. 6 students scoring at least an A in PSLE Examinations
  • Around 65% of students scoring at least an A2 for 'O' level Chinese Examinations 
  • Around 45% of  students scoring at least an A2 for 'O' level Higher Chinese Examinations

* The students who I have worked with are mostly hardworking ones who are willing to put in the extra efforts and time to close up their learning gaps. Cooperative parents who took my feedback seriously and helped to monitor their children's revision have also contributed to this way above national average results. A tutor is not a magician, it takes concerted efforts from all parties to achieve the desirable outcome. 

My tuition classes are NOT for:
  • students who do not want to put in efforts and yet expect me to perform miracles to make them improve their grades.
  • parents who expect to see significant improvement within 3 - 6 months upon enrolment. Languages cannot be improved over a short period of time unless one works extremely hard. On the average, it takes around 9 months to 1.5 years of consistent handwork for my average-ability students to see significant grade improvement (of 1-4 grades jump). 
  • parents who are not willing to work collaboratively with me and monitor their children's learning at home upon my feedback on the areas to follow up. Your child only sees me for 1.5 hours a week, he/she spends most of the time at home.