1.    Why are your tuition fees more expensive than some NIE-trained tutors?
Firstly, for the small group classes, the class size is kept at a maximum of 4 students per lesson to ensure that each student gets more attention and opportunities to participate in class. Secondly, all the notes and worksheets used are designed or selected by the tutor based on the learning needs of the students, hence providing a more personalized learning experience. Thirdly, the fee is also inclusive of the additional online learning resources that students can use to be in touch with the language at their own pace beyond the weekly 1.5 hours tuition class. Lastly, I am a firm believer of “you get what you pay for” (一分钱,一分货); if a service provided is not value-for-money or up to standard, it will not be able to sustain for long.   

2.    What kind of contents do you cover during your tuition lessons?

For Primary School tuition lessons, the focus will be on the school textbook vocabularies (emphasis on the ability to use them correctly and with ease), comprehension techniques (identifying question type and keywords etc), composition and oral skills (building of students’ vocabulary bank, using of conjunctions, writing/talking with greater descriptions and details etc). However, simple and interesting news, video clips, short stories etc are regularly included in our lessons to make learning more close to daily life and of practical value to our younger students.

For Secondary School tuition lessons, while the focus is still very much on vocabulary expanding, comprehension, composition and oral skills, the reading and discussion of newspaper articles, literary works etc will form a substantial part of our lessons to ensure that students are not only equipped with the language skills but also the cultural sense and awareness that they are required to acquire for a better understanding and appreciation of Chinese Language at higher level.

In addition to the above-mentioned contents, existing students will also have access to my online resource sharing platform in which more materials such as lesson-based learning takeaways, news articles, model essays, video clips, comic strips etc are shared regularly for students to learn more at their own pace beyond my tuition classes.          

3.    What are some of the advantages of small group tuition?

While there is no doubt that 1-1 tuition will provide students with greater attention from the tutor, small group tuition has its own benefits. Being in a small group encourages group learning, positive competition and greater engagement (during revision games and discussions). In general, children and teenagers enjoy fun and excitement in learning and if these elements are moderately incorporated into lessons, it will heighten their interest in learning Chinese and achieve a desirable learning outcome. In addition, as the class size is capped at a maximum of 4 students, parents are assured that their children are still given the adequate and necessary attention during lesson.

4.    Why do you only have so few tuition slots available for the start?
As I wish to dedicate more time for my two children who are still very young, I have decided to increase my available tuition slots gradually. I do not want to compromise on the quality of my teaching or sacrifice time spent with my little ones just for the sake of making money.

5.    For group lessons, will students from different level be in the same class?
No, they will not be in the same class as the contents for learning will be different. The only exception will be Sec 3 HCL students who wish to join Sec 4 CL class to get themselves prepared for their 'O' level CL2 examination scheduled at the end of their Sec 3 school year.  

6.    When do I make payment for tuition fees?
Tuition fees are collected at the beginning of every month. If a payment is still not made by 15th of the month despite repeated reminders, the student's vacancy will automatically be given up to the other students on the waiting list. In the event that there is a 5th week in the month, the fee for the additional lesson will be derived by dividing the fee stated for the 4 lessons  by 4. 

7.    How do I make payment for tuition fees?
Payment could be made by enclosing cash in an envelope addressed to Ms Toh. Alternatively, parents could also make payment via internet banking.

8.    For group lessons, will fees be charged if my child is unable to attend a lesson?
Yes, fees will still be charged unless the child is on medical leave (duplicate of medical certificate to be submitted for pro-ration of tuition fees). This is done out of goodwill as the standard market practice among service providers is that lessons will still be charged no matter how valid the reason for absence was. Kindly note that there is no free 1-1 make-up if a student is absent from group lessons as the lessons will still run for the rest of the students who are present for class. However, parents may arrange for 1-1 make-up at tutor's 1-1 hourly rates , subjected to tutor's availability, so that the absent student does not miss out what the class has learnt for the week.

For school holidays, the tutor allows pro-ration of tuition fees up to a maximum of 2 lessons missed during June holidays and up to 3 lessons missed during Nov/Dec holidays. Parents will have to pay for the remaining lessons (not covered under pro-ration of fees) to keep their child's place in the class if they choose to absent their child for more than 2 lessons during June holidays and more than 3 lessons during Nov/Dec holidays. Parents need to understand that the group tuition only takes place weekly and school holidays is an ideal time for students to focus and work hard on their weaknesses, it will be unrealistic to expect improvement if the child is frequently absent from class.           

9.    Do you conduct lesson on Public Holidays?
No, there will not be any lesson on Public Holidays. However, there are exceptions during examination season if the students need help in revision.

10. Do you offer additional lessons on top of the existing lessons during school examination season or school holidays for the students from your group classes?
There will only be extra group lessons during school examination season or school holidays if at least 2 students from the same class are able to attend the additional lessons, subjected to the tutor's availability. Alternatively, parents can opt for additional 1-1 lessons during the examination season or school holidays, subjected to tutor's availability.

11. I heard from referring parents that you actually terminate some students, is it true?

Yes, I will not hesitate to terminate any student from my group classes, refunding the tuition fees paid in advance should he/she fools around in class and is of great disturbance to the other students after repeated reminders and warnings. As parents are paying a premium fee for my tuition service, I am committed to provide a conducive learning environment with quality lesson delivery for students who attend my classes. In addition, if a child is often absent from class (not able to meet attendance rate of 80% during term time) and the reason for absence is not due to illness, official school activities or urgent family matters etc, I will advise the parent to withdraw the child from my class and give up the vacancy to other students on my waiting list who are more willing to prioritize learning over fun and leisure. Parents need to understand that consistency in learning is necessary if they expect improvement in the child's grades. I will not turn away any student as long as he/she is keen to learn and wants to do well for the subject.

For 1-1 tuition, I will also inform the parent and terminate my service if the student is not responding to help/guidance due to attitude issue or mismatch of personality (lack of chemistry)between me and the student. In my opinion, if my tuition service does not help a student develop interest in the subject and make progress in his/her grades over a reasonable period of time, then it is a waste of money for parents to continue to pay me such premium tuition fees.   

12. What are your hourly rates for 1-1 tuition lesson?

Please check with tutor for more details.