Thursday, August 3, 2017

Quality Teaching & Structured Learning for Chinese Language

If you are interested in my tuition service, contact me at 9435 9670 to find out more.

As parents, we would always want the best for our children...

Ms Toh Chinese Tuition was established for the purpose of providing premium tuition service for Chinese Language at an affordable price. The fundamental factors that set this service distinctively apart from the normal Chinese tuition service providers are as follows:

  • Highly structured curriculum and materials customized to students’ needs which are non-existent in at least 80% of 1-1 home tuition. Most 1-1 tuition focus on doing practice papers and going through them, it is not an effective method to address areas of weakness that require targeted help and attention.


  • Small class size (maximum of 4 students) as compared to the typical class size (6 - 20 students) of most tuition group classes. A smaller class size allows more focus to be given to each student and encourages greater participation and interaction during lessons.


  • Regular communication and close partnership with parents to ensure that students are not wasting their time and parents' money attending the classes.


  • Termination of service for students who are disruptive and/or not keen to learn. Positive learning attitude is the key to success, if a student is not able to self-help by being responsible towards his/her own learning, then any external help will most probably be redundant.      

[Contents updated as of Oct 2020]